Accepted Papers

Final list of ACCEPTED papers
ID Title
13 A Pure Combinational Logic Gate Based Forward Converter for Novel New Five Moduli Set RNS
16 Efficient VLSI routing Optimization employing Discrete Differential Evolution Technique
19 YAHMD – Yet Another Heap Memory Debugger
22 Threshold based KNN for fast and more accurate recommendations
31 Human Ringworm Detection using Wavelet Energy Signature
35 Performance analysis of MIMO based Cooperative Communication in k−μ Fading Channels
36 A New Adaptive Cuckoo Search Algorithm
37 An Optimal Clustering for Fuzzy Categorization of Cursive Handwritten Text with Weight Learning in Textual Attributes
38 Double Weighted Methodology: A weighted ensemble approach to handle concept drift in data streams
45 A modified algorithm for DNA motif finding and ranking considering variable length motif and Mutation
49 Word Sense Disambiguation in Bengali: A Lemmatized System Increases the Accuracy of the Result
58 Design & Study of a Low Power High Speed Full Adder Using GDI Multiplexer
61 JANA: An Arabic Human-Human Dialogues Coprus
62 MIKA: A Tagged corpus for Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Sentiment Analysis
66 A Species Clustering Method Based on Variation of Molecular Data with the Aid of Variance Proportion
68 Diffusion Kurtosis Model to evaluate the Cochlear nerve deficiency in MRI images
71 Clustering to Determine Predictive Model for News Reports Analysis and Econometric Modeling
72 Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics for Automotive Applications
81 Computational intelligence based hybrid approach for forecasting currency exchange rate
82 4Y Model: A novel approach for Finger Identification using KINECT
84 Analysis of resistive load ring oscillator
85 Recognition of whole and deformed plant leaves using statistical shape features and neuro-fuzzy classifier
89 Stability and Energy Aware Reverse AODV Routing Protocol in MANETS
93 Sentiment Analysis using Cosine Similarity Measure
94 A Hybrid Approach for Identifying Sentiments around Aspects
95 Design Optimization of Microstrip fed Rectangular Microstrip Antenna Using Differential Evolution Algorithm
98 An Extended JPEG Image Encoding and Decoding Method: JEX Coding
99 Optimization of Probability of False alarm and Probability of Detection in Cognitive Radio Networks Using GA
103 Improving Graph Based Multidocument Text Summarization Using an Enhanced Sentence Similarity Measure
107 A Cross-Layer MAC Protocol for Contention Reduction and Pipelined flow Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks
108 A New Dual Band N-Way Wilkinson Power Divider
109 Efficient Financial Time Series Forecasting Model using DWT Decomposition
110 WNPWR : Web Navigation Prediction Framework for Webpage Recommendation
122 Comparison Based Distributed Generation Implementation in Extremely Loaded Distribution System
124 Principal Component Variances based Off-line Signature Verification
127 A New Local Homogeneity Analysis Method based on Pixel Intensities for Image Defect Detection
131 An Adaptive Feedback Based Reversible Watermarking Algorithm using Difference Expansion
132 HOMS: Hindi Opinion Mining System
133 Erlang Capacity Evaluation of WCDMA Systems under Co-Channel Interference with adaptive antenna
137 Strained Si: Opportunities and Challenges in Nanoscale MOSFET
139 Performance Analysis of Inverter Based Flash ADC
146 A New cost-effective approach for Battlefield Surveillance in Wireless Sensor Networks
150 Multifractal Detrended Fluctuation Analysis used to analyse EEG signals originating from different lobes of brain
151 Trends in Quantitative Association Rule Mining Techniques
159 A Graph Based Technique for Finding Common News Content from Multiple News Streams
163 A Transparent Tree Root Identification Scheme to Support Route-optimization and Network Mobility in PMIPv6 Domain
166 Indic Script Identification from Handwritten Document Images – An Unconstrained Blocklevel Approach
171 Spine Medical Image Fusion Using Wiener Filter in Shearlet Domain
172 Image Registration Method using Harris Corner and Modified Hausdorff Distance with Near Set
176 Analysis of Clinical Data and Image Processing Algorithms in Detection of Cervical Cancer
177 A Fast Local Gradient based Super-resolution Image Reconstruction Algorithm with Fuzzy Hyper-bias Learning and Sparse Monitoring Paradigm
185 Realization of Optimized Aroma Sensing System (E-Nose) with Supporting Software Package to Access Tomato Quality Parameters
186 Non Coperative Primary Users-Localization in Cognitive Radio Networks
187 A Novel Clustering Strategy for Fingerprinting-based Localization System to Reduce the Searching Time
189 An Optical Sensing System for Quality Parameters Inspection in Tomato Processed Products Based on Lycopene Quantification
193 VidTIMIT audio visual phoneme recognition using AAM visual features and human auditory motivated acoustic wavelet features
197 Design and Analysis of Optical Filter using Series Coupled Racetrack Resonator
202 Qualitative Analysis of Yogurt and Bread Freshness by Aroma and Appearance Evaluation using Odor Vision Sensing (OVS) System
205 Modified Watermarked ECG signals by Using Adaptive Normalization Factor
207 Design and simulation of a power harvesting framework using a micro-cantilever and an integrated DPL type BAW resonator
210 A Method of Learning Based Boosting in Multiple Classifier for Color Facial Expression Identification
213 An Effective Periodic Web Content Recommendation Based on Web Usage Mining
214 Page level Handwritten Script Identification using Modified log-Gabor filter based features
215 A novel approach of Speech Emotion Recognition with prosody, quality and derived features using SVM classifier
216 Frequency Reconfigurable Patch Antenna Using PIN Diode at X-Band
220 Designing of Differential Manchester Encoder Circuit using all optical micro ring resonator
222 A Description Logic based QSTR Framework for Recognizing Motion Patterns from Spatio-temporal Data
223 Analysis of Dither Optical Phase-Lock Loop in the presence of Loop Delay
224 Density Aware Energy Efficient Clustering Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
234 A Hybrid Technique for Hiding Sensitive Association Rules and Maintaining Database Quality
239 An Enhanced Harmony Search Method for Bangla Handwritten Character Recognition Using Region Sampling
242 Signal Processing Technique based Fault Location of a Distribution Line
246 Hand Gesture Recognition of English Alphabets using Artificial Neural Network
248 A CCII-Based Wide Frequency Range Square/Triangular Wave Generator
249 Versatile Auto Calibrated Embedded System Design for Metal-Oxide Based Gas Sensors
252 Implementation of 4-bit carry select adder using Diode free Adiabatic Logic (DFAL)
255 Development of CAN bus application layer protocol for 6 DOF Shake table Control System
258 Detection of Macula and Fovea for Disease Analysis in Color Fundus Images
263 Fast and efficient compressive sensing for wideband cognitive radio systems.
265 A Novel Parallel Memory Design using 2 Dot 1 Electron QCA
267 250-MHz Resonator Based Energy Recovery Flip- Flop for Ultra Low-Power Clocking
269 Detection of Hemorrhages in Diabetic Retinopathy analysis using Color Fundus Images
270 Discovering Association Rules partially devoid of Dissociation by Weighted Confidence
271 A Lapped Transform Domain Enhanced Lee Filter with Edge Detection for Speckle Noise Reduction in SAR Images
281 Analysis and Simulation of Dual Metal Double Gate SON MOSFET (DMDGSM) using Hafnium Dioxide for Better Performance
284 IGoSA – A novel framework for analysis of and facilitating government schemes
288 Performance Metrics of a Customized Web Application Developed for Monitoring Sensor Data
289 An Efficient DCT based Image Watermarking Using RGB Color Space
292 Minimization of Outage Probability and Maximization of Network Lifetime of CRN using Battery Power
294 Linear Array Pattern Synthesis Using Restriction in Search Space for Evolutionary Algorithms: A Comparative Study
296 Emotion Argumentation
297 Centralized Auto-tuned IMC-PI Controllers for Industrial Coupled Tank Process
300 A Texture based Approach for Automatic Identification of Benign and Malignant Tumor from FNAC Images
302 Controlled Privacy in Mobile Cloud
303 Comparative Analysis of Various 9T SRAM Cell at 22-nm Technology Node
304 Workload Characteristics and Resource Aware Hadoop Scheduler
306 Implementation Techniques for IEEE 802.3ba 40Gbps Ethernet PCS Layer
309 DMBRLE: A Lossless Compression Algorithm for Solar Irradiance Data Acquisition
310 Thermal Aware FPRM based AND-XOR Network Synthesis of Logic Circuits
314 A Computational Geometry Based Cell Migration Technique For VLSI Placement Problem
315 Design and Power Analysis of 4×4 Semiconductor ROM array at 32nm, 22nm and 16nm channel length of MOS Transistor
318 Automatic Diabetic Retinopathy Detection Using Gabor Filter with Local Entropy Thresholding
319 A new contrast enhancement method of retinal images in Diabetic Screening System
322 CUDA-enabled Hadoop Cluster for Sparse Matrix Vector Multiplication
323 Designing of a Compact Butler Matrix Without using 0 dB Crossover
325 Text Normalization in Code-Mixed Social Media Text
326 A 405MHz Integer-N CMOS PLL for Implantable Biomedical Application
330 An efficient hardware design of SIFT algorithm using fault tolerant reversible logic
332 A Memory Based Approach to Bengali Word Sense Disambiguation Using kNN Method
337 A Novel palmprint authetication system by XWT based feature extraction and BFOA based feature selection and optimization
338 Synthesis of Flat-Top Power Pattern in Time-Modulated Unequally Spaced Linear Arrays using DE
339 A new implementation scheme in Robotic Vehicle Propulsion using Brushless DC Motor
343 Multicore Encryption and Authentication on a Reconfigurable Hardware
344 Amplifier Design Approximations in Submicron CMOS
345 PLC Based Ladder Logic in Paint Shop for Quality Improvement
347 An Image Fusion Technique for Efficient Face Recognition
349 Hypernymy in WordNet, Its Role in WSD and Its Limitations
351 Decoding of Motor Imagery Potentials in Driving Using DE-Induced Fuzzy-Neural Classifier
353 Template based Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmia in ECG Data