AI & Soft Computing

Quantum Computing: a Nano Scale Information Processing in Minds and Machines 1
Dwijesh Dutta Majumder and Sankar Karan
Autonomic Computing: A Revolutionary Paradigm for Implementing Self-managing Systems 7
Pradeep Kumar Singh, Arun Sharma, Amit Kumar and Ayush Saxena
Discrimination of Black Tea Using Electronic Nose and Electronic Tongue: A
Bayesian Classifier Approach 13
Runu Banerjee(Roy), Pritthi Chattopadhyay, Rashmi Rani, Bipan Tudu, Rajib
Bandyopadhyay and Nabarun Bhattacharyya
A Soft-Computing Approach for Software Project Selection 18
Tuli Bakshi and Subir Kumar Sanyal

Biometrics, Bio-Informatics & Multimedia

A Back Propagation Network for Face Identification and Localization 24
Goutam Sarker
Semi supervised Pixel Classification of Remote Sensing Imagery Using
Transductive SVM 30
Debasis Chakraborty and Ujjwal Maulik
Revolution in Authentication Process by Using Biometrics 36
Arundhuti Chowdhury
A Recurrent Fuzzy Neural Model of a Gene Regulatory Network for Knowledge
Extraction Using Artificial Bee Colony Optimization Algorithm 42
Papia Das, Pratyusha Rakshit, Amit Konar and R Janarthanan
Role of IT in Business Process Reengineering 48
Deepak Kumar and Anita Bhatia

Communication Systems & Networks

Performance of Distributed Video on Demand System for Multirate Traffic 52
Soumen Kanrar
Efficient Algorithm on Heterogeneous Computing System 57
Sunita Bansal and Chittaranjan Hota
An Adaptive Genetic Key based Neural Encryption for Online Wireless
Communication (AGKNE) 62
J K Mandal and Arindam Sarkar
Design And Simulation of Multiband Chaucer Fractal Patch Antenna Loaded With
Metamaterial 68
Vikas Gupta and B S Dhaliwal
Sensor Node Deployment using Bacterial Foraging Optimization 73
Gurjot Singh Gaba, Kanwaljit Singh and Balwinder Singh Dhaliwal
Thinned Concentric Circular Array Antenna Synthesis Using Particle Swarm
Optimization with Constriction Factor and Inertia Weight Approach 77
Durbadal Mandai, Rajib Kar and Sakti Prasad Ghoshal
An Indexing Method for Efficient Querying of an Attack Graph 82
Atin Ruia, Vishal Parekh and A veek Chakrabarti
Simulation, Design and Analysis of a Low Power MIMO-OFDM System and its
Implementation on FPGA 88
Subhankar Bhattacharjee, Sanjib SiI, Sayan Dey and Amlan Chakrabarti
A Simulated Annealing Approach for the Freeze-Tag Problem 94
Hamidreza Keshavarz, Alireza Bagheri, Kamran Layeghi and Seyed Iman
Bacteria Foraging Optimization based Synthesis of Concentric Circular Antenna
Array 99
D Mandal, R Kar and S P Ghoshal
Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Based Synthesis of Concentric Circular
Antenna Array with Non-isotropic Elements 105
Durbadal Mandal, Rajib Kar and Sakti Prasad Ghoshal

Data Mining

Overview of Automatic Indian Music Information Recognition, Classification and
Retrieval Systems 111
Trisiladevi C Nagavi and Nagappa U Bhajantri
Visual Data Mining to Discover Knowledge Patterns from Web Navigational
Trends 117
N Neelima and Syeda Farha Shazmeen
Intelligent Search Engine Algorithms on Indexing and Searching of Text
Documents using Text Representation 121
D Minnie and S Srinivasan
Online Mining of data to Generate Association Rule Mining in Large Databases 126
Archana Singh, Megha Chaudhary, Ajay Rana and Gaurav Dubey
Data Mining and Visualization on Legal Documents 132
Dhruv Gaur

Distributed & Mobile Computing

Performance Evaluation of MPI and Hybrid MPI+OpenMP Programming
Paradigms on Multi-Core Processors Cluster 137
Rajkumar Sharma and Priyesh Kanungo
Swarm Intelligence Based Greedy Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network 141
Satish Pradhan, Sanatana Maharana and Motahar Reza
DJSS: Distributed Job Scheduling Scheme for WSN 145
Indrajit Banerjee, Prasenjit Chanak, Anirban Datta and Hafizur Rahaman
A Dynamic Sender-initiated Load Sharing Algorithm for Cluster with Reduced
Polling 151
Sandhya K V and G Raju
Intentional Islanding of Electric Power Systems in a Grid Computing Framework: A
Graph-Theoretic Approach 156
Buddhadeb Pradhan, K Hemant Reddy, D S Roy and D K Mohanta
Indexing using Hash Table with Splay-Tree in Mobile Database Management
System 161
Diganta Saha
Embedded Systems, Data Mining & Mobile Computing
Comparison of Cloud Database: Amazon’s SimpleDB and Google’s Bigtable 165
Shalini Ramanathan, Sa vita Goel and Subramanian Alagumalai
Low Power Single Bitline 6T SRAM Cell With High Read Stability 169
Budhaditya Majumdar and Sumana Basu
An ASIP for Image Enhancement Applications in Spatial Domain using LISA 175
Anup Sarma, Soubhagya Sutar, V K Sharma and K K Mahapatra
Application of knowledge based decision technique to Predict student enrollment
decision 180
Malaya Dutta Borah, Rajni Jindal, Daya Gupta and Ganesh Chandra Deka

Image Processing & Computer Vision

Simulation Approach towards Eye Prosthesis with Clinical Comparisons of Original
Human Vision Capture Procedure 185
Biswarup Neogi, Rajkumar Darbar, Soumya Ghosa/, Achintya Das and D N
Multi-robot Motion Planning amidst Dynamic Obstacle 191
Dhrubojyoti Banerjee, Chiranjib Guha Majumder, Suparna Roy, Arpita
Chakraborty, Amit Konar and R Janarthanan
Molecular Machinery-A Nanorobotics Control System Design for Cancer Drug
Delivery 197
Sankar Karan and Dwijesh Dutta Majumder
Implementation of EEG Based Control of Remote Robotic Systems 203
Tathagata Chakraborti, Abhronil Sengupta, Dhrubojyoti Banerjee, Amit Konar,
Saugat Bhattacharyya, Anwesha Khasnobish and R Janarthanan
Biometric Authentication and Tracking system for Online Examination System 209
Aditi Bal and Arunasish Acharya
Weighted Fractional Fourier Transform based Image Steganography 214
Sudhir Keshari and Shri Gopal Modani

Image Processing & Pattern Recognition

Grayscale Digital Halftoning using Binary PSO 218
Arpitam Chatterjee, Kanai Ch Paul and Bipan Tudu
Modular eigenfabrics based classifier for the detection of defects in woven fabric 223
Jayanta K Chandra, Pradipta K Banerjee and Asit K Datta
Ripplet Based Multimodality Medical Image Fusion Using Pulse-Coupled Neural
Network and Modified Spatial Frequency 229
Sudeb Das and Malay Kumar Kundu
An approach of eye detection under varying in-plane rotation of face image 235
Pradipta K Banerjee
Computing Approximate Value of the PBM Index for Counting Number of Clusters
using Genetic Algorithm 241
Malay K Pakhira and Amrita Dutta
Analysis of Pixel Level Features in Recognition of Real Life Dual-Handed Sign
Language Data Set 246
Himanshu Lilha and Devashish Shivmurthy
Classification of Malignant Tumors Using Multiple Sonographic Features 252
Subarna Chatterjee, Ajoy Kumar Ray, Rezaul Karim and Arindam Biswas
A Fuzzy Multilayer Perceptron Network based detection and classification of lobar
intra-cerebral hemorrhage from Computed Tomography images of brain 257
Aparna Datta, Ashis Datta and Biswajit Biswas
Emotion Recognition from Facial Expression using General Type-2 Fuzzy Set 263
Anisha Halder, Rajshree Mandai, Amit Konar, Aruna Chakraborty and R
An Improved Fuzzy Clustering Method Using Modified Fukuyama-Sugeno Cluster
Validity Index 269
Sailik Sengupta, Soham Dey, Amit Konar and R Janarthanan
Gaussian Surface Ensemble-Based Intensity Inhomogeneity Correction in MR
Images 275
J K Sing, D K Basu, M Nasipuri, C Biswas and P K Saha
Image Binarization Using Iterative Partitioning: A Global Thresholding Approach 281
Soharab Hossain Shaikh, Asis MaW and Nabendu Chaki
Information & Network Security
On the Implementation of QIM FPGA Hardware 287
Abhishek Basu, Abhik Roy, Tirtha Shankar Oas and Subir Kumar Sarkar
Flexi-DNP3 : Flexible Distributed Network Protocol Version 3 (DNP3) for SCADA
security 293
Sankalp Bagaria, Shashi Bhushan Prabhakar and Zia Saquib
Design of Mobile-PKI for Using Mobile Phones in Various Applications 297
Sangram Ray and G P Biswas
Back Propagation Neural Network Approach to Intrusion Detection System 303
I Mukhopadhyay, M Chakraborty, S Chakrabarti and T Chatterjee

Signal Processing

Edge Preserving Restoration of Random Valued Impulse Noises (EPRRVIN) 309
J K Mandai and Somnath Mukhopadhyay
Spectral Analysis of DNA Sequence using Recursive Weiner Khinchine Theorem:
A Comparative Approach 315
M Roy, S Barman(Mandal), S Saha and A Mandai
Delivery Time Delay Analysis of MLFFA based on Queuing Model 319
Sharmistha Bhattacharjee, Boudhayan Bhattacharya, Saunak Sengupta and
Owijesh Outta Majumder
A Classification Approach For Myocardial Infarction Using Voltage Features
Extracted From Four Standard ECG Leads 325
Swati Banerjee and Madhuchhanda Mitra
Development of DE Based Adaptive Techniques for Nonlinear System
Identification 331
P K Khuntia, Benudhar Sahu and P Kanungo
A Novel Approach for Extraction and Analysis of Variability of Baseline 336
S Das, K Roy and C K Saha

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